1666 London Fire & Cybersecurity? What?

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

What does the 1666 London fire have to do with cybersecurity? You’ll never know unless you come to Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference, virtual, mornings, October 5-7.

While I’m not going to give away the answer, the Great Fire of London swept through the central parts of the city burning over 13,000 houses, 80 parish churches, and 70,000 inhabitants were displaced. It raged for 5 windy days before it was put out. That’s a disaster.

It started at a bakery on Pudding Lane and as it spread so did the rumors. People started the blame game and focused their fear on homeless people and immigrant groups. Charles II ordered evacuation, yet the social and economic problems created were overwhelming.

Sounds a little like today’s climate, doesn’t it? In Wyoming we smell the forest fires and watch our national leaders argue about the pandemic and the wall and try to blame anyone but themselves. It reminds me a little of an article I read about Jackson Hole’s City Council and the fake public service alert that went out via phone and text to Jackson citizens. The alert claimed the City Council was meeting about de-funding the police and it was far from the truth, the police department wasn’t even on the agenda.

But it isn’t all a disaster. Some of us are displaced due to COVID, but hopefully our friends, family, and neighbors are helping. The Wyoming 211 number is available to help those in need find resources in their communities. In the midst of disaster we have some pretty amazing ideas. Senator Harshman suggested using CARES act money for students to return to college. The new meat processing grants that Governor Gordon announced has a clause encouraging grantees to use a percentage of the grant to provide meat for their schools and community food banks. First Lady Gordon led many initiatives to feed children who counted on school meals.

There are positives in cybersecurity too. We had more businesses enter the Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses than ever before and the completion rate was 90%. I think businesses were taking advantage of the slow time to get a handle of their risks. It’s a great use of time!

And there are positives that came out of the 1666 Great London Fire too…but you have to come to the conference to find out what they are.

Registration link https://cyberwyoming.org/conference/

October 5-7, virtual, mornings


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