2023-2024 Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge

Successful 2023-2024 Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge

Students from across the state successfully completed the 2023-2024 Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge organized by the CyberWyoming Alliance! This challenge promotes cybersecurity education among Grades 6-12 students. The challenge, which ran from October 2023 to March 2024, brought together teams from various schools across Wyoming to tackle the topic “Demystify Medical Technology.”

The Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge is an annual event where teams of up to five students are provided with funding ranging from $50 to $100, along with Cyber-in-a-Box t-shirts, to create informative and engaging videos. The initiative not only focuses on cybersecurity topics but also nurtures skills such as scriptwriting, video production, research, teamwork, and communication.  The program is funded through WyoGives donations and, this year, Microsoft sponsored the t-shirts.

This year’s challenge tasked participants with exploring internet-connected medical devices, learning about their functionality, researching methods to protect them, and presenting their findings in video format.

Teams from Meeteetse Schools, Laramie High School, Johnson Junior High, Twin Spruce Middle School, Buffalo High School, and Cokeville High School participated in the challenge, showcasing their creativity and dedication to cybersecurity education.

“The judging panel faced a challenging task in selecting winners from the impressive array of submissions,” said Laura Baker, President of the CyberWyoming Alliance. “Each winning team demonstrated outstanding skills and creativity in addressing the theme ‘Demystify Medical Technology’.”

Johnson Junior High Awards:

  • X-Ray Scammers – Best Storytelling
  • Hospital Computer Safety – Best Use of Kaleidoscopic Colors, Costumes, and Screen Display
  • How Internet Works in a Hospital – Hospital Internet Use/Misuse Information Award
  • Cyber Security of the Infusion Pump – Best PowerPoint Effects
  • Cyber Security in a Doctor’s Office – Best Pun
  • Doctor Passwords and Technology – Best Advice for Doctors
  • What do Hospitals Use to Protect Our Info? – Data Download Race Award
  • Monkey News – Best News Show


Meeteetse Schools Awards:

  • Doctor Patient Privacy – Best Acting (tied) & Best Illustration of HIPAA Compliance Issues
  • Concerns with Networked Medical Equipment – Best Acting (tied) & Best Patient Empowerment Script


Cokeville High School Awards:

  • Insulin Pump Safety – Best Animation & Best Research


Twin Spruce Middle School Awards:

  • Ultrasound – Best Use of Interviews
  • Radiation – Best Physical Security
  • X-Rays – Best Super Interesting Fact
  • Diabetic Devices – Scariest Implications
  • Digital Scales – Most Interesting Topic


Buffalo High School Awards:

  • Cyber Breach – Best Use of Generative AI
  • Virtual Reality and Cybersecurity Training – Most Optimistic About Securing the Human
  • Data Encryption – Best Analogy
  • Data Breaches in the Medical Industry – Most Professional
  • Phishing in the Medical Industry – Best Phishing Statistics
  • Wearable Medical Technology – Best Cut Out Effects


Laramie High School Awards:

  • Cell Phone Safety – Most Creative & Best Use of Original Photography and Videography


The statewide virtual premiere and awards ceremony took place on April 18, 2024, celebrating the hard work and achievements of all participants.

“The CyberWyoming Alliance extends its gratitude to the Wyoming State Library and the Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee for their collaboration in developing and promoting the Cyber-in-a-Box School Video Challenge,”Baker said, “Special thanks to Individual donors from WyoGives 2023 and Microsoft for their generous support.”

To learn more about the Cyber-in-a-Box program or to register a team for the 2024-2025 school year, visit https://cyberwyoming.org/cyber-in-a-box/. Watch this year’s available videos soon on the Wyoming State Library’s website: https://library.wyo.gov/services/wyoming-residents/wyoming-can/.


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