September 25, 2023

CyberSecurity News, Events & Info

Discovery Day Sept 28

Discovery Days Sept 28! Place: Cheyenne National Guard Base Time: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. In a large aircraft hanger, students will enter a large aircraft hangar and be welcomed by a member of the Wyoming Air National Guard. Under the direction of the teacher, students will be able to

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The Progression of a Company that Strives for Excellence

CHEYENNE – Language I/O, the first VC-funded, fully SaaS company in the state of Wyoming and the first to achieve ISO27001 certification – a data security standard – has joined efforts with CyberWyoming to support other small companies to take that first step toward security and data privacy. In 2020,

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National Preparedness Month – for Business Tip 4

Safeguarding Your Small Business Tip 4: Develop an incident response plan Thanks to the Private Sector Emergency Management Association (PSEMA) for providing these great tips! 4. Develop an Incident Response Plan:Create an incident response plan that outlines clear steps to follow in the event of a cybersecurity breach. This plan

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