2024 WACTE Summer Conference Recap

CyberWyoming Alliance at the 2024 WACTE Summer Conference

The Wyoming Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE) hosted the Summer Conference from June 10th to 13th, 2024. Educators from across the state gathered in Laramie for this annual event, which was packed with learning, networking, and inspiration. The conference featured a vibrant blend of workshops, professional development sessions, and networking opportunities, all designed to enhance skills and expand professional networks.

CyberWyoming Alliance’s Participation
The CyberWyoming Alliance joined the 2024 WACTE Summer Conference with a booth showcasing our educational programs, including the Lego Attack and Defense Models and the MAGIC Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Puzzle Challenge. We also presented additional programs in our breakout sessions: the Mock Hospital and the Murder Mystery through the Teens Exploring Careers Camp (TEC). Thanks to a generous donation from the Daniels Fund, the TEC curriculum is free for any community college or university.

Breakout Sessions:
Mock Hospital Scenario:
Transform Your Classroom into an Interactive Mock Hospital
In this immersive session, educators learned to simulate a hospital environment, covering the intricacies of hospital operations and the various roles involved. Topics included HIPAA compliance, payroll, billing, medical workflow, and information technology, encompassing scenarios such as managing a ransomware attack that forced the hospital to switch to paper-based operations temporarily.

The session was divided into three parts:

  1. Participants learned their roles and the computer software.
  2. Educators treated patients in their assigned roles.
  3. Attendees reviewed lessons learned and developed policies for smoother operations.

Participants could later borrow materials and equipment from CyberWyoming Alliance to implement this engaging learning experience in their own classrooms, further extending the learning through real-world hospital tours and incident response planning.

Murder Mystery Scenario:
Illustrate Business Ethics and Etiquette Using a Murder Mystery
In this session, a fictional murder at a business creative firm served as the backdrop for exploring business ethics, organizational behavior, and introducing students to different jobs in the workforce. Attendees engaged in one or two scenarios, discussing topics such as intellectual property, company culture, and business etiquette. Each scenario offered unique challenges and rich discussion points, making it an excellent tool for classroom transformation. 

For further exploration of these programs and details on accessing the curriculum, click here: https://cyberwyoming.org/programs/camp/

About WACTE:

The Wyoming Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE) is an organization dedicated to advancing career and technical education (CTE) in the state. By fostering collaboration among educators, administrators, and industry professionals, WACTE ensures a comprehensive approach to CTE. The organization plays a crucial role in professional development, offering continuous learning opportunities, skill enhancement, and the exchange of best practices. Additionally, WACTE serves as a powerful advocate for CTE, providing a collective voice in legislative matters and contributing to workforce enhancement across Wyoming.

The 2024 WACTE Summer Conference was a fantastic opportunity to be part of this vibrant community, expand professional networks, and learn innovative strategies and techniques to elevate teaching practices. Attendees did not miss out on the opportunity to engage with other professionals and bring back transformative ideas to their classrooms!

Willow Greiner and Ivy Grover simulate patient roles in the Mock Hospital session, providing a realistic environment for educators to practice managing medical workflows and ethical scenarios.
By playing the role of Pharmacist, this educator gains insights into the intricacies of healthcare operations and policy development.
Anne Mason and Jessica Cowen play patients in the Mock Hospital, helping educators experience realistic healthcare simulations.
Educators immerse themselves in the Murder Mystery scenario, analyzing clues to uncover the culprit and explore business ethics.


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