A Series About Multi-Factor Authentication

by Chris Bonatti, IECA of Casper

Maga2020! What? I could have guessed that!

In what might have been a minor October surprise, Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers reported late last month that he had hacked President Trump’s account at Twitter, and the password was “maga2020!”. He claims to have alerted the US government of his findings, but the White House denies the claim saying that there is no evidence of an intrusion.

This is hardly unique. Recall that in July, 130 high-profile Twitter accounts including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Apple and Uber were also compromised, and used to launch a Bitcoin fraud scheme.

However, if true, the claim raises the obvious question of why stronger means of authentication wasn’t used for the President’s account. While there are some obvious possibilities why the President might deliberately decide not to strongly protect a public, unclassified, no-fee account, it’s also true that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and many other social media companies support stronger authentication.

So why don’t any of these high-profile targets use it?

Read tomorrow’s blog to find out!


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