Are Wyoming’s Elections Secure?

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Are the 2020 elections in Wyoming secure? Representatives from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office will answer that question at Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference.

Andrea Byrne, Administration Division Director, and Kai Schon, Election Division Director, are speaking on October 7 about the measures Wyoming has taken to make sure citizen votes count.

Elections questions are on many Wyoming citizens’ minds.
– What threat to our elections do foreign state actors, like Russia, really have?
– Are mail in ballots secure and how do we know the ballot is counted?
– What is fake news regarding elections?
– Is there any threat to Wyoming votes specifically?
– Is there some good advice for Wyoming-ites and voting?
– Does the state provide guidance for voting centers regarding COVID-19?
– Are any counties having trouble finding precinct workers?

Bring your questions and more to Andrea and Kai’s session. Register at

Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference – October 5-7, mornings, virtual.


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