Author Reads Children’s Story About Cybersecurity

By Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Gregory White is a well known name in cybersecurity as part of the CyberTexas Foundation, University of Texas San Antonio faculty member and director of the CIAS-ISAO (center for infrastructure assurance and security, a community cybersecurity program), and former National Council of Registered ISAOs Executive Director. Many people can tell that Greg is passionate about education just from his grant writing, university affiliation, and initiatives, but what most people don’t know is Greg also writes books for children.

His latest book, called Hacking’s Not a Game, is about the Moose family’s vacation being spoiled by a cyber attack.

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Hacking’s Not a Game, written and read by Gregory White

Greg recently joined the Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee as he is moving to Wyoming in preparation for retirement. Committee members asked if he would be willing to read his book for Wyoming children and he graciously accepted.

The Wyoming CAN Committee is a volunteer, grassroots committee committed to increasing cyber awareness of everyday citizens in Wyoming. The committee has been meeting since June of 2019 and has reviewed Wyoming’s internet related laws for updating and consolidation, created a statewide strategy to reach everyday citizens and educate them on security issues, and created the Cyber-in-a-Box library program.


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