Beetlejuice and CyberWyoming Alliance Promote School Video Challenge

Trick or Treat Trail Features Cybersecurity Awareness

CyberWyoming Alliance’s booth featured Beetlejuice in promotion of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge. About 4000 people were estimated to walk the Trick or Treat Trail at the Casper Ford Events Center on October 29 in support of the Science Zone.

Never Trust the Living

A reminder to never trust the living from the popular Beetlejuice was featured at the CyberWyoming Alliance booth.

CyberWyoming Alliance routinely asks Wyomites to be extra suspicious online, promoting companies to encourage Talk Like a Vampire month when reading suspicious emails. 

“CyberWyoming has free, no-think security awareness training programs that any company in Wyoming can use.  We focus on the psychology of security and make it relevant to every day citizens,” said Laura Baker, President of CyberWyoming Alliance.

The CyberWyoming Alliance also attended the event to promote the Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge, where teams of students receive $100 and t-shirts to make a cyber safety video.  

Buffalo High School in their Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge t-shirts.

“Although my voice was raw from wishing everyone Happy Halloween, it was so much fun to see all the kids in costumes, talk to the older students about the Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge, and support the Science Zone,” said Baker.

Booth decorations, including the gorgeous balloon arch were completed by CyberWyoming board member and Halloween enthusiast, Christy Walker.

“With weather always iffy this time of year, I couldn’t do this event without the support of our Casper board members, especially Christy Walker who actually knows how to put together a balloon arch, which is a skill that should be on her resume,” said Baker.  

The Science Zone

The Science Zone’s annual Trick or Treat Trail is a major fundraiser for the nonprofit children’s museum in Casper.

Join CyberWyoming Alliance and the Science Zone for a joint event in support of technical registered apprenticeship on November 15 at 4 p.m. Pizza and giveaways will be provided courtesy of Microsoft.

Please RSVP to  All are welcome!


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