Beware of Fake Craft Fairs

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming Alliance

Two fake craft fairs, supposedly in Gillette and Cheyenne, are targeting vendors and charging vendors fees. These were reported to Vendors, before you send money, call the venue to make sure the event is real!

The American Legion Post in Gillette has confirmed that this is not a real event and has reported this Facebook User to both the Gillette police department and the Facebook complaints department.

Besides the fake Gillette posting, the most likely fake Facebook user, Florence Mark Hillary, has requested vendors for a Cheyenne Craft Fair supposedly occurring at the Cheyenne Civic Center. The December 5-6 event is not on the Civic Center calendar. In fact, the Cheyenne Civic Center lists other events on those same days.

This event is not listed on the Cheyenne Civic Center events page.

The scammer also seems to be targeting Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.


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