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Blacklight: A Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight, a real-time website privacy checker, exposes user-tracking tools and monitors data access during web browsing. Developed by The Markup, it employs a headless browser to identify various surveillance methods, such as third-party cookies, ad trackers, key logging, session recording, canvas fingerprinting, Facebook, and Google Analytics tracking.

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12 Individual Risk Factors

Scams, orchestrated by hackers using psychological tactics, aim to exploit individuals and steal valuable information. These scams often involve social engineering, crafting convincing half-stories to manipulate victims.

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AI Phishing Cartoon By Forest Kline 2024

AI in the Digital Age | Dr. Erik Huffman 

Dr. Erik Huffman, in his TEDx Talk, discusses the profound impact of technology on our lives, emphasizing the evolving digital landscape and the psychological vulnerabilities it introduces. He reflects on the transformation from a childhood fascination with computers to his current role as a cyber psychologist specializing in information and human safety.

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Talk Like a Vampire Month

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, organizations continually seek innovative methods to raise awareness about the concealed threats in the digital landscape. CyberWyoming, a pioneering force in small business cybersecurity education, has embraced an unconventional approach with the introduction of “Talk Like a Vampire Month.” This initiative aims not only to inject a sense of levity into the typically serious subject of cybersecurity but also to illuminate how interpreting emails with a vampire’s perspective can enhance the identification of suspicious activities.

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Announcing CyberWyoming’s Tech Joke of the Week

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, where threats loom and digital defenses are continually tested, a little humor can go a long way. CyberWyoming’s Joke of the Week offers a delightful break from the seriousness of the cyber realm, bringing a touch of levity to those dedicated to safeguarding digital landscapes.

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Demystifying Home-Business and Small-Business Insurance Coverage

Ever wonder if carpooling to a conference in your personal vehicle could put your business at risk? What about seeing clients in your home? Or having a work function in your home and someone stumbles and gets hurt? We asked Rob Zotti, CyberWyoming Board Member and HUB International agent, these questions and wanted to share the answers with you!

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Recorded on 10/12, 10/19, and 10/23.

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