Car Spying May Be Far Worse | Chris Bonatti

Car Spying May Be Far Worse

By Guest Blogger, Chris Bonatti, Cybersecurity Consultant with IECA of Casper

In December, IECA learned that most late model cars are spying on you… exploiting largely unread privacy policies to collect everything from precise geolocation data to sexual preference. IECA has learned more since then, and if anything are even more alarmed. General Motors, at least, is apparently collecting real-time driving behavior data – such as acceleration, speed, braking patterns and abrupt stops – and transmitting it directly to data analytics firm LexisNexis. They in turn are selling the data to insurance companies. So if your driving one of these spyware-on-wheels monstrosities, you stand a good chance of having your insurance rates skyrocket in coming years.

To make matters worse, car companies are rapidly evolving their products into what they call Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs). This means your car will be nothing less than a rolling application platform; with features that can be turned on and off, and upgraded, over the air – much as Tesla has been doing from the get-go. As we’ve also learned from Tesla, this kind of thing dramatically expands the attack surface of the vehicle… making it vulnerable to all kinds of remote mischief.

It’s looking more and more like… from a privacy and cybersecurity perspective… you should keep that old clunker running for as long as you can.


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