Casper College 7th in MAGIC Capture the Flag Event

MAGIC Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Puzzle Challenge Builds Student Skills

LARAMIE – Twelve Wyoming community college, high school, and middle school teams participated in the MAGIC Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Puzzle Challenge on April 20, 2024 with the top ranking Casper College Thunderbytes team taking 7th place. Sponsored by the Wyoming Department of Education, CTE Division, this event showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of students across Wyoming in the field of cybersecurity.

Nationwide, thirty-five teams and 122 participants joined the puzzle challenge. The 12 Wyoming 4-person teams included Casper College, Carey Junior High in Cheyenne, Cheyenne South High School, Johnson Junior High in Cheyenne, Wyoming Indian High School, and Worland High School. With the exception of the Casper College Thunderbytes, all teams were newcomers to the competition, and the Thunderbytes achieved their personal best ranking at 7th.


  • Casper College, Thunderbytes – 7th
  • Cheyenne South High School, SouthBison – 16th
  • Worland High School, Snorspitz Snotson Radio and Newspaper Company – 23rd
  • Casper College, 2nd Team – 24th
  • Carey Junior High, Team Carey – 25th
  • Carey Junior High, Javabrew – 26th
  • Carey Junior High, The Hackers – 27th
  • Johnson Junior High, Firebirds 2 – 28th
  • Carey Junior High, Excalibur – 30th
  • Johnson Junior High, Firebirds 1 – 31st
  • Carey Junior High, Bob=:) – 34th
  • Wyoming Indian High School – 35th

Reflecting on the event, participating schools expressed enthusiasm and a desire to further engage in cybersecurity education and competitions. “The kids had a blast today and we all learned a lot! (This was our first cybersecurity competition). I’m considering starting a cybersecurity club next year where we can compete in more competitions like this,” remarked the teacher sponsor from South High School. Johnson Junior High School’s teacher sponsor echoed the sentiment, stating, “It was actually fun. We all learned together.”

All student participants received T-shirts courtesy of MAGIC, underscoring the collaborative efforts to support and recognize student achievement in cybersecurity. Additionally, the registration fees for the event were generously covered by the Wyoming Department of Education, CTE Division, demonstrating their commitment to fostering technology education and workforce development in the state.

As a proud supporter of cybersecurity education and workforce development initiatives, CyberWyoming Alliance provided pizza for all participants, fostering camaraderie and fueling participants’ energy throughout the challenge. “CyberWyoming Alliance recognizes the importance of such events in nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and is committed to supporting initiatives that promote skill-building and community engagement,” said Laura Baker, CyberWyoming Alliance Board President Emerita.

CyberWyoming Alliance applauds the success of the recent challenge and extends its congratulations to all participants and organizers. With ongoing support from fundraising through WyoGives and collaboration with other organizations, initiatives like the MAGIC Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Puzzle Challenge will continue to empower students and build a skilled workforce for the future.

With the upcoming 5th annual WyoGives event on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to causes like cybersecurity education through organizations like the CyberWyoming Alliance. 

Donations made through the CyberWyoming Alliance’s donation page directly support programs that impact local Wyoming communities, ensuring that initiatives like the MAGIC Capture the Flag competition continue to empower students and build a skilled workforce for the future. To contribute, visit CyberWyoming Alliance’s donation page: Every bit helps!

Members of the Worland HS Snorspitz Snotson Radio and Newspaper Company proudly represent their school achieving 23rd place in the MAGIC Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Puzzle Challenge.

About MAGIC’s Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Competitions: MAGIC’s Capture the Flag (CTF) Cybersecurity Competitions offer an entry-level platform for high school, college, and nontraditional students to explore cybersecurity. These events, held biannually, feature puzzles developed by industry professionals, fostering teamwork and ethical hacking skills. With simultaneous participation across multiple locations worldwide, MAGIC promotes collaboration and innovation in cybersecurity education. Learn more at MAGIC’s website:

About the Wyoming Department of Education CTE Division: The Wyoming Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Division helps students explore diverse career pathways in Wyoming through resources like the ctEzine. They aim to provide equitable access to quality CTE experiences, fostering a competitive workforce. The CTE team supports students in discovering opportunities in skilled trades, applied sciences, and post-secondary education to shape their educational and career journey. 

About the CyberWyoming Alliance: The CyberWyoming Alliance is a statewide, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Laramie whose mission is to increase cybersecurity awareness, education, and outreach in communities across the State of Wyoming. Learn more at: 


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