Casper College Announces FREE Cybersecurity Boot Camp

August 2-6, 8 a.m. to noon

Casper College Registration form here.

FREE, but limited registration

The boot camp all started with a group of businesses, educators, and nonprofits in Casper that wanted to do something to create a pipeline of cybersecurity and technology workers in Casper. Anchors of the group included Wyoming Medical Center (now Banner Health), CyberWyoming, the Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative, Casper College, Kelly Walsh High School, and the CTE Association of Wyoming.

“Getting youth interested in security and technology is our focus,” said Laura Baker of CyberWyoming, “There is a real shortage of technology workers nationwide and in Wyoming.”

All the key elements and willingness to volunteer and collaborate were available in Casper, featuring Kelly Walsh’s Cisco Academy CTE program, a close relationship between Kelly Walsh and Casper College, and excellent volunteers and advice to help with the concept.

The unofficial group calls themselves the Casper Preapprenticeship Consortium and hasn’t stopped with the boot camp. Mapping of events, internships, and courses to CyberWyoming’s Registered Apprenticeship program allows students to understand the exposure and skills they should list on their resume, creating a pathway to employment.

According to, there are currently 366 cybersecurity job openings in Wyoming and over 464,420 nationwide. In Wyoming, these include job titles like systems engineer, software engineer, and network engineer, not necessarily titles with the word cyber in them. In Casper, reports 18 job openings, while the majority of the jobs are centered in Cheyenne.


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