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Casper – Jedidiah Shenefelt, a self-proclaimed computer nerd and CEO of Casper’s Super Nerd Information Technology Company, is not a typical entrant into Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business. 

While Super Nerd is a home based business and that is a normal type of company that enters the competition, having a tech expert that supports other companies in Casper is not the norm.  From the beginning, Shenefelt knew he had an advantage over other participants and, like in golf, could be handicapped accordingly by the judges.

In fact, the judging rubric has a highly weighted category of “Progress” which rates where the company started and how far they moved forward with the cybersecurity project.  Shenefelt knew Super Nerd was already miles ahead with the technical know-how.

But what Shenefelt didn’t expect was the emphasis on people, processes, and preparing for Super Nerd’s growth. 

“I see the world through a tech lens, yet most of what this process [the competition] covered was practice and it was an eye opener for me,” said Shenefelt. 

 “Good practices are just as important as tech itself,” said Shenefelt.  And Shenefelt wasn’t just talking about teaching his customers about good practices, he turned the camera inward and took a selfie of Super Nerd.  For instance, being a one man shop, he developed a disaster recovery plan for Super Nerd so his customers could get support from another IT professional if something happened to Shenefelt.

“I have long term customers,” said Shenefelt, “and it was really important to me that they know that my operations failing would not cause them to fail.”

Super Nerd supports 50 clients in the Casper area.

The 2021 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses will begin in early February 2021.  The competition is free to Wyoming small businesses and can be completed virtually.  The 2020 competition was sponsored by Team Networks (Casper), Campbell County Health (Gillette), IECA (Casper), Ptolemy Data Systems (Sheridan) Sweetwater Technology Services (Rock Springs), EvnTec (Evanston), DigeTekS (Casper & Buffalo), First Federal Bank & Trust (Sheridan), Cheyenne State Bank (Cheyenne), Wyoming Financial Insurance (Rock Springs), and Lunavi (formerly Green House Data, Cheyenne). Information about Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses can be found at


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