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Business Notification List

Want your business to be notified about scams that others have spotted? We review national notifications that could affect our business community as well as reports from locals.  We redact personal and company information from local reports and then send an email to those on our notifications list. It’s free

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Change Company Culture

You can change your company’s security culture! CyberWyoming has free, no-think security awareness implementation plans perfect for any office manager or human resources manager.  Designed for micro-businesses who don’t have technical help and based on marketing principles, the awareness campaigns are designed to run monthly and cover important topics like

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Cybersecurity Business Counselor Training

Cybersecurity Business Counselors are business advisors trained in CyberWyoming’s cyber risk management Made Safe Program. The program Inspires Transformation in how business leaders think about and manage their cybersecurity risks.

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Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business

Why a cybersecurity competition? Because it is fun! Where else can you say that cybersecurity is fun? You will be surprised at how you focus naturally on people and processes, while technology is just another part of the process.

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