Change your Instagram Password!

If you use Instagram, be sure to change your password. In addition, if you reused your instagram password on other accounts, be sure to change those accounts too.

Why? Because once your user id and password are breached, there are malicious actors that use bots on the internet which troll around to find out where you may have used the same combination of user/password. This is why experts tell you not to reuse your passwords for multiple accounts.

Keeping track of lots of passwords is difficult. You may want to purhcase a business version or personal version of password management software like DashLane or LastPass.

At the very least, though, be sure to enact 2 factor authentication on all your bank accounts. That way if your user id and password are compromised, a second device/account will be texted or emailed to confirm that this is really you.

Our attention to the Instagram breach came from the Morning Security Report, administered by the Cybersecurity Collaborative. The original ZDNet article can be found at this link.


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