City of Cheyenne Technology Advisory Council Hosts Cyber Cheyenne 2023: Strengthening Community Forces in Cybersecurity

The City of Cheyenne Technology Advisory Council (TAC) is proud to announce Cyber Cheyenne 2023, the highly anticipated regional event dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity efforts and fostering a stronger tech-focused community. The Conference, sponsored by Laramie County Community College, will be held on August 17, 2023, at Laramie County Community College.

Cyber Cheyenne 2023 is a unique regional event intended to strengthen community forces. Led by experts in the region, the Conference provides a platform for technology professionals, business owners, policy makers, and community members to share their experiences and learn from industry experts on real-world cases. It features a dedicated track for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, encouraging conversations about protecting critical information and systems. Each track offers fresh insights and enables attendees to enhance their cybersecurity efforts at all levels.

One of the highlights of Cyber Cheyenne 2023 will be the announcement of the winners of the 2023 Cybersecurity Competition. Launched by CyberWyoming in 2018, this competition promotes best practices in cybersecurity among Wyoming small businesses through the innovative Made Safe in Wyoming™ program. As the only competition of its kind, it has garnered national and international acclaim, earning the prestigious Gula Tech Foundation Award in February 2022.

The Conference’s summit sessions cover an array of topics, including psychology behind cyber-incidents, uncovering sophisticated malware, and implementing physical controls to secure critical infrastructure. “Physical control systems are usually found on high-value, high-risk systems such as generators, IoT networks, medical devices like pacemakers, and military and aircraft systems. I am eagerly looking forward to the unique expertise that each session speaker will bring, and we are deeply grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge,” said Summer Wasson, Chair of the City of Cheyenne Technology Advisory Council.

Cyber Cheyenne 2023 aims to build a sense of community among attendees and facilitate ongoing collaboration to strengthen the region’s cybersecurity efforts. “We anticipate that technology experts and business owners will leave the conference equipped with cyber-specific resources and the reassurance of being supported by a nurturing tech-focused community,” added Wasson.

“Cyber Cheyenne 2023 is made possible by the City of Cheyenne and the invaluable support of Mayor Patrick Collins. We are also grateful to the sponsorship from the Wyoming ISSA Chapter and the Northern Colorado ISSA Chapter, as well as our Premiere Sponsor, Laramie County Community College, for bringing this Conference to the region,” said Wasson. “Additionally, we extend our gratitude to CyberWyoming and CyberWyoming Alliance for their unwavering support.” To register and learn more about Cyber Cheyenne 2023, please visit the official website at

The photo is of the city of Cheyenne, Mayor Patrick Collins and the technology advisory Council and cybersecurity initiative volunteers at a proclamation signing ceremony to designate October 2022 as cybersecurity awareness month. This proclamation turned into a joint effort with Governor Gordon and the Wyoming association of municipalities. Caption: From left to right; James Tschacher, John Galeotos, Michael Gaines, Todd Karpel, Jason Smith, Timothy Sheehan, Mikki Munson, State of Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, City of Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins, Aaron Roberts, Wyoming Association of Municipalities David Fraser, Timothy Walsh, Carrie Gernant, Summer Wasson, Wyoming National Guard Major General Gregory Porter.


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