Civics Day Announced at Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference

Hosted by Dr. Jean Garrison, Malcolm Wallop Civics Engagement Project

Civics is “a social science dealing with the rights and duties of citizens.”

Civics is “the study or science of the privileges and obligations of citizens.”

First definition – merriam-Webster dictionary
Second definition –

This year’s Cybersecurity Conference has an entire morning focusing the rights, duties, privileges, and obligations of citizens in the context of security. As citizens of the US, we have the privilege of clean water and uninterrupted fuel supplies, yet it is truly the duty and obligation of citizens to ensure that privilege. And this is the theme that the CyberWyoming Alliance’s board wanted to convey with the conference.

Day 1, October 6 – Misinformation Affects Us All

It is our civic responsibility to be discerning about the information we digest. A news reporter once said to me “local news sources are trustworthy because if they get something wrong they know their community will be breathing down their neck.” True, yet local newspapers are struggling in the face of online apps, social media, and online digests. It is easier today to choose your news source to reinforce, rather than challenge, your opinion. Yet, at the conference this year misinformation will be discussed at the local and national level. Here are just some of the sessions.

Healthcare Costs:  Myths and Realities in Wyoming

Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss
Josh Hannes, Wyoming Hospital Association
Nick Reynolds, WyoFile Reporter
Larry Kirven, Retired WWAMI Executive Director

Fake News at Home – Does Wyoming Really Exist?

Jake Goodrick, Gillette News Record
Discussing misinformation in the news and the article he wrote about the QAnon theory that Wyoming doesn’t exist.

Wyoming Business & Misinformation: A real business email compromise and individual fraud stories from Sheridan

Ryan Johnson, Systems Administrator, Frontier Asset Management
Corporal Doug Sanders, Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office

Day 2, October 7 – Security, Our State & Nation

Dr. Jean Garrison, Director of the Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Project, will host the entire morning and discuss the Wallop Project and how it’s intent is to raise Civics scores and engagement throughout the State of Wyoming. This morning will touch on local scams that communities see, critical infrastructure in Wyoming, and connecting Wyoming’s security to Russian threats.

Day 3, October 8 – Security is for Everyone!

This day has a small business slant acknowledging that technology affects all industries and featuring Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business Winners.

Dr. Mike Borowczak, University of Wyoming

What is a nonfungible token and why should we care?

Dr. Erik Huffman, Cybersecurity Researcher and Cyberpsychologist

The latest research on what makes you click.

Dr. Whit Stewart

SheepChain – a new blockchain application

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