Competition Past Participants Featured in 2021 Video

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

When I made the call to past competition participants to be in a video for the 2021 Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses, I expected to get a few responses. After all, a lot of people are shy about being on camera. I didn’t expect the overwhelming support. It was amazing!

Competition participants from the first year to last year offered to record. We ended up with Wind Hosting, Craftco Manufacturing Solutions, the Old West Museum, Language I/O, My Front Door, First Federal Bank & Trust, ESal LLC, Star Awards & Promos, the Laramie Quality Inn, and Wyoming Roofing all participating.

It felt, for one of the first times, like the cybersecurity business community in Wyoming was really getting traction. Our mission since day 1 has been information sharing in the business circuit and now we have other leaders across the state that are doing the same.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us put together this amazing video!

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Special thanks to Reuben Sandoval of Inspired Bison for putting this video together.


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