Cyber Escape Room at Wyo’s Cybersecurity Conference

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

You’ve probably heard of escape rooms, but if not, it is a game that promotes teamwork to solve problems or puzzles to get out of a physical room. Well, now think virtual and add the topic of a password policy, for example. Yes, it becomes a fun way to train your employees!

I attended one of these with the Northern Colorado ISSA (Information Systems Security Administration) Chapter and it was fun! We went through the cybersecurity policy, then were ‘locked’ in the room together with a moderator, working through puzzles until we completed the tasks. Each person can take the lead for a new task, but you can just observe and participate if you want.

Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference features an online escape room networking event on it’s first day, Monday, October 5. It does require a separate registration as space is limited but you will be prompted for the option in your registration process.

Registration link for the conference:

Online escape room offered by Living Security, Austin, Texas.


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