Cybersecurity Virtual Course for Women’s World Cup

Program released via cyberwyoming, discounted to wyoming students and it professionals

LARAMIE – Through a public-private partnership with CyberUSA, Sports-ISAO, the Cyber Resilience Institute, and CyberWyoming, an 8 week cyber threat hunting and intelligence virtual course is available for Wyoming college students and IT professionals at a significant discount.

C-Watch, the virtual program, begins on April 15, 2019 and ends in July when successful participants will be invited to continue through the FIFA Women’s World Cup, participating in threat hunting and intelligence with the Sports-ISAO team that works in collaboration with security stakeholders for the Women’s World Cup.  “Including a large event like the World Cup as the capstone piece of the course ensures that participants receive real-life experience in working with an actual cybersecurity ISAO (information sharing and analysis organization) team,” said Doug DePeppe, Board President of the Cyber Resilience Institute and Co-Founder of Sports-ISAO.

Wyoming and the nation currently have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, according to  In addition, Wyoming has 172 cyber related job openings and the US has 313,735 job openings.  Nationally, the areas of cybersecurity including analysis, governing, and investigating total 216,060 jobs, which are the needs that the C-Watch course specifically addresses.

“We felt this training goes really well with our Department of Labor Cybersecurity Technical Apprenticeship, our collaboration with collegiate institutions, our technology company members, the IT professional development chapter we helped start, and our vision of increasing overall cybersecurity skill levels in Wyoming,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming.  “It just makes sense to work with the Cyber Resilience Institute to bring this class to our IT professionals and students.”

Learning threat hunting and security intelligence leads to positions like Cyber Crime Analysts, Cyber Crime Investigators, Incident Analysts, Incident Responders, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Cybersecurity Technicians.  

“IT Security Auditors can be compared to diamond mines within our state – scarce, and highly sought after. As a rule, Wyoming has not invested a lot of effort into cybersecurity, and as such is behind the curve on several fronts, but which is slowly being addressed by the University and several community colleges, of which I am part. Unfortunately, until the state trains, and retains its own stable of cybersecurity professionals, it must hire, and contract from outside the state –  I myself am an example of this, as I was hired into the state 9 years ago as the Wyoming Medical Center (Casper) ISO. At present, I offer in-state cyber auditing services for many industries, teach cybersecurity courses at Casper College, and am on the Board for the same program, while on contract to the Veterans Administration,” said Eric Salveggio, instructor at Casper College and cyber-auditor.

The training includes two separate tracks where students can participate via live and/or on-demand, recorded sessions.  Weeks 1-5 features the cyber threat hunting track that includes cyber observables and social media hunting tools and techniques.  The second track for weeks 6-8 include legal and policy issues including an ISAO Pop-up SOC (security operations center) Operation.  As part of the capstone track, successful program participants will be invited to be guest analysts for the third place match and finals on July 6th and 7th.  As guest analyst in the program, team reports will be submitted to government agencies and other stakeholders supporting the FIFA Women’s World Cup security operations.

The course materials are taught and coached by experienced mentors who encourage team collaboration.  Each participant receives a user license and access to a repository of open source tools with the training and background information to successfully use the tools. 

“This program acts as a virtual internship where C-Watch participants are eligible for compensated contract work, affiliated referral programs, on-boarding into the US Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Information Network Sports-ISAO Community of Interest, and job placement referrals,” said DePeppe, “This program is watched and monitored by many potential organizations who hire trained individuals.”

The course is offered at a significant discount through CyberWyoming’s partnership with the Cyber Resilience Institute.  Standard pricing for the program is $1100, yet CyberWyoming can offer the 8-10 week program for $759.  For more information or to sign up, please contact

“This course is for IT professionals that want to broaden their skills, college students that want real-world experience, and any entrepreneurial professional that may want to re-tool in the cybersecurity field,” said Baker.

CyberWyoming is a nonprofit organization that aims to create cyber leaders in every small business in Wyoming via the Made Safe in Wyoming Program, facilitate training and education opportunities for Wyoming’s cyber workforce, and create a cyber community to increase awareness of citizens throughout the State. 

The Cyber Resilience Institute maintains a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).  CRIs programs, like c-Watch, are aimed at providing a critically-needed bridge between Federal programs and the various state and local agencies.


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