CyberWyoming Alliance Sponsoring 3 Teams in Cyber Challenge

LARAMIE – CyberWyoming Alliance has partnered with MAGIC (Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Conservatory) to bring a virtual challenge of capture the flag security puzzles to Wyoming middle and high schools on October 22.

“Traditional capture the flag events are highly competitive with teams trying to attack and defend each other; however, this challenge is more of an exercise in teamwork and problem solving,” said Arron Patton, CyberWyoming Alliance Board Member and volunteer for the capture the flag program.  “The team’s objective is to work together to solve challenges not to take down the other team, meaning there’s less pressure with the same amount of problem solving,” he continued.

The challenge is on Saturday, October 22 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. mountain time.  Up to 4 people can be on a team and there are five different levels of puzzles. 

As an example of a puzzle, the team may download a text file, examine the content, and figure out the answer.  If the answer is correct than a point value will be awarded.

CyberWyoming Alliance has sponsored three teams and any school in Wyoming may sign up to be a team on a first come first serve basis. Interested teams should contact CyberWyoming Alliance at or 307.314.2188.

Schools and the teacher sponsor should plan to provide a classroom with computers for the team of four students, along with a local mentor.  The mentor could be a technology professional that already works for the school district or from a local business.  Students are encouraged to work on each puzzle as a team, consulting the mentor(s) if they get stuck.  The CyberWyoming Alliance has offered to help find local mentors through their network of technology professionals, will work with the school to test connectivity issues ahead of time, and will send sandwiches or pizza to each team during the challenge.

Information about the MAGIC challenge can be found at  


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