CyberWyoming Announces New Partnership

Cybersecurity collaborative brings morning security report to Wyoming

by Laura Baker, 2/4/19

LARAMIE – A new partnership between CyberWyoming and the Cybersecurity Collaborative brings national content and experts to Wyoming technology professionals. 

“The Cybersecurity Collaborative was founded by a group of Industry-Leading CISOs that, with our Community Membership Leadership Council, created these forums so security professionals that wear multiple hats can be immediately updated by Fortune 1000 subject matter experts on cyber challenges they face,” said Stuart Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of the Cybersecurity Collaborative.

CyberWyoming’s aim is to pull communities together and advance the security of Wyoming through information sharing.  The Cybersecurity Collaborative brings benefits like a morning security report and community member Q&A calls with leading subject matter experts, working well with CyberWyoming’s vision.

“It is a natural fit,” said Patrick Wolfinbarger, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming. “We are always looking for opportunities to match people with the appropriate cyber risk information.”

To ensure that Wyoming’s needs are being met by this partnership, CyberWyoming will participate on the CyberUSA Advisory Board for the Cybersecurity Collaborative that is composed of 5 small rural state representatives, 5 medium sized state representatives, and 5 large sized state representatives.  

The Cybersecurity Collaborative isn’t the only national partnership that CyberWyoming boasts. In March of last year, it became a CyberUSA affiliate and is now able to offer threat sharing platform licenses to the Wyoming community. Last summer it became a registered ISAO (information sharing and analysis organization).  In the fall of 2018, it started the first Wyoming ISSA (Information Systems Security Administration) professional development chapter and also became a registered Apprenticeship Office with the Department of Labor for cybersecurity technician apprenticeships.   Last month it announced a partnership with the Cyber Readiness Institute to bring free cyber leadership tools to small businesses who don’t have a full time technical person on staff. Finally, this spring, via a C-Champion partnership with the Cyber Resilience Institute in Colorado Springs, it is offering discounted tuition for a virtual apprenticeship class on threat intelligence and threat hunting whose capstone activity is threat hunting for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“I think the CyberUSA affiliates are up to 29 states now and CyberUSA is about to announce a nationwide collaboration with the Cybersecurity Collaborative as well, but Wyoming started this initiative,” said Laura Baker, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming. “At the recent CyberUSA conference in Maryland, I realized that we can learn a lot from other CyberUSA states.  Hawaii, for instance, has created a public-private coalition to protect its electrical infrastructure, oil infrastructure, and the military use of both.  We have those same elements in Wyoming and something like that was debated at our recent legislative session.”

State partnerships are also important to CyberWyoming.  The partnership between the Wyoming Business Report and CyberWyoming brought the Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses to Wyoming to encourage small business owners to manage their cyber risks.  As a result of the Competition, participants from 2018 are mentoring and getting involved in their communities to increase awareness. 

“In discussions with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, local and state business leaders, and people in the community, we are hearing that there are a lot of questions about information security and privacy.  At the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Ignite Conference on May 23rd, we hope to kick off an ongoing, community-wide conversation about these important issues.  Our goal is to remove some of the mystery around cybersecurity issues, create understanding of the threats, and most importantly, provide ways that we can protect ourselves and businesses,” said Tyler Neeriemer IT Administrator for First Federal Bank & Trust and winner of the Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses.

Between Ptolemy Data Systems and First Federal Bank & Trust in Sheridan, the momentum for community cybersecurity education is picking up in that corner of the State. Cybersecurity is being discussed as a community risk management topic to create a stronger economy and protect private customer information in small venues like Toastmasters to larger ones like the Ignite conference.

“Statewide or local partnerships regarding cybersecurity are the way to bring the national content to our communities,” said Wolfinbarger. “We really encourage talking to peers, sharing information, and mentoring by non-technical and technical personnel.”


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