CyberWyoming Listed as Top Cyber Startup

LARAMIE – Despite being a nonprofit organization, CyberWyoming was recently listed by Best Startup business magazine as a top cyber startup in Wyoming. Members and sponsors of CyberWyoming and Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business also made the list including K2 Technologies, Capitol Communications, and Wyoming Manufacturing Works.

The top startups included companies that were innovative, exhibited exceptional growth or growth strategies, showed top management, and impacted society. The full article can be read here:

“We definitely hit the innovative and impact to society categories with Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business. It is the only program in the nation and we are using a grant from the Gula Tech Foundation to expand it,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director for CyberWyoming.

In its sixth year, Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business outcomes dramatically increase confidence in data handling and security risk management.

Baker said at the beginning of the small business program, 66 percent of participants were either neutral, a little nervous, or not at all confident with the subject of cybersecurity. At the end, all participants reported more confidence with 67 percent reporting feeling very confident with the subject of cybersecurity. At the beginning of the program, 63 percent felt neutral, somewhat alone, or very alone on the topic of cybersecurity. At the end, 100 percent felt they had some people or had a large network of people.

After completing the program, Baker said program participants reported the following achievements:

  • 93 percent felt supported by their cybersecurity team,
  • 93 percent felt they had an improved product or service for their customers,
  • 100 percent felt they had created relationships that would support their ongoing cybersecurity efforts,
  • 93 percent felt they could maintain their cybersecurity maintenance schedule going forward,
  • 83 percent felt they had achieved their cybersecurity goals, and
  • 70 percent felt that their customers or community would recognize their efforts.

“Competition participants have more confidence, feel empowered, have more tools in their toolbox, and can actively address their cybersecurity risks,” said Baker.

The program offers CLE and CPE continuing education credits as well as cash prizes and speaking engagements for the winners. It is built for those small companies that do not have information technology help and want, one-on-one, on-the-job, human based training to manage their security risks. It runs from Feb 1 – Aug 1 each year, with registration ending on May 1.

The competition is supported by community minded companies and organizations including: Campbell County Health, Capitol Communications, Casper College, Cheyenne State Bank, Computer Professionals Unlimited (CPU), DigeTekS, EvnTec, Factory IT, First Federal Bank & Trust, Gannett Peak Technical Services, HUB International, IECA, K2 Technologies, PDS, Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity, Sweetwater Technology Services, Team Networks, and Wyoming Manufacturing Works, along with a grant provided by the Gula Tech Foundation. To participate in the competition, business owners or managers can register at


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