CyberWyoming Webinars for Micro Businesses

CyberWyoming Webinars for Micro Businesses

April 2024

With new artificial intelligence tools and new account takeover threats, what should I add to my employee security policies?

Considering the emergence of new AI tools and the rise of account takeover threats, a webinar by CyberWyoming underscored the necessity of updating employee security policies on April 12th.

Key Points:

  • Evaluating AI tools for security, business alignment, and data usage.
  • Setting up a process that all employees can participate in to research privacy and security factors with AI tools and their corresponding browser plug-ins.
  • Adding 2 factor authentication to your company’s social media page administrators.
  • Creating a leadership pledge of what your company’s leaders will and will not ask for and providing a verification method when the leader is out of the office.

May 2024

How can artificial intelligence automations help my business and how can I make sure they are as secure as possible?

Key points 

  • Check with your marketing & communications tools to see what you can automate.  Attend their webinars.
  • Use automation tools like Zapier.
  • Minutes make a difference, sit down and figure out what repetitive tasks you complete and determine if they can be automated.

June 2024

What the heck is an email record and why do I need to know about it?

For small business leaders that use email services through Google, their domain provider, or Microsoft and muddled through setting it up themselves.  You aren’t alone, CyberWyoming did the same thing and we learned a bit along the way when we changed domain hosting providers this year. So on Jun 25, we hosted a session with our expert, Chris Bonatti, where we shared free tools to ensure it was set up right and discussed what to worry about and what not to worry about.

Key points:

  • Importance of consulting documentation or experts.
  • Tips for correct setup and troubleshooting.
  • Handling reports and potential overwhelm for small businesses.
  • Free Tools: MxToolbox, DMARC, and the Global Cyber Alliance toolkit.
  • Email Security: Need for end-to-end encryption like OpenPGP and S/MIME for securing email content.
  • Practical Advice: The value of expert help in managing email security and validation.

July 2024

What is a Cyber Risk Score and why should I care?

The US Chamber of Commerce published an article about cyber scores likening a cyber score to a credit score for a business.  As our world becomes more digitally enhanced, cyber scores could be used for loans, new contracts, recruiting board members, and insurance coverage.  However, there isn’t one definitive cyber score tool and none for microbusinesses (until CyberWyoming created one).  Come find out what a cyber score is and what questions it asks and see if it can help your business.

When: Jul 25, 2024 12:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
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