DigeTeKs Advocates for Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Addresses Wyoming Workforce Shortage in Technology

CASPER – After helping The First Northern Bank of Buffalo win the 2019 Cybersecurity Competition, Shane Brown CEO of DigeTekS, LLC wanted to make more of a difference in Wyoming.

“Developing Wyoming’s young technical talent to stay and work in Wyoming is part of our goal of delivering exceptional services in Wyoming,” said Brown.

After Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Symposium in October 2019, Brown joined CyberWyoming as a founding member, but he also enrolled in CyberWyoming’s IT Specialist Apprenticeship program. One of his Casper based employees is now an apprentice in the well-rounded Registered Apprenticeship program of the U.S. Department of Labor.

The apprenticeship program includes technical certificate training, vendor relations training, working with on-the-job mentors and developing other critical industry skills. Apprentices who complete the program gain a nationally recognized industry specific Department of Labor certificate. Employers who participate in the program with CyberWyoming gain administrative support and help with managing training and development of employees.

“DigeTekS wanted to be in the apprenticeship program because it could easily take a few years to fully train new employees and apprenticeship programs are a great way to help retain employees,” said Laura Baker, Executive Director of CyberWyoming.

In August 2019, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services announced that they had been awarded a $641,000 Apprenticeship Expansion Grant from the US Department of Labor. Workforce Services can now provide additional training grants for employers, which decreases the costs of training new employees.

According to cyberseek.org, Wyoming has 516 cybersecurity related job openings.

DigeTekS has strong roots in Wyoming with its beginnings not far away in Northern Colorado. Their eleven years of partnership with The First Northern Bank of Buffalo is a great example that has led to strong, long-lasting relationships with business in Wyoming.

DigeTekS is proud of their Wyoming customer base.

“DigeTekS has successfully integrated all of our systems on numerous platforms and mapped out a five-year strategy to control costs and enhance operational capabilities. The team has handled all pressures well, resolved issues we’ve encountered at all times of the day, and communicated IT well to staff of every IT skill level,” said Bill Novotny, Johnson County Commission Chairman.

“In technology, we all have limited resources, but partnering with organizations like CyberWyoming helps fulfill the needs of the community around us,” said Brown.

DigeTekS partners with global vendors to provide a wide array of technical services. They specialize in high-tech industries such as banking and healthcare as well as provide support to government agencies and small business alike. DigeTekS and the Wyoming cybersecurity community are committed to making the apprenticeship program a major success.


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