DuckDuckGo Debuts Privacy Email

Drawing by ShaeC Cooper.

By Guest Blogger Chris Bonatti, Cybersecurity Consultant with IECA of Casper

Note by CyberWyoming – this service may be of use especially for seniors who are innundated with spam emails.

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Privacy-centric DuckDuckGo has had what they call an “Email Protection” service in beta test since July 2021. They have just opened this free service up to the public. DuckDuckGo says that after a year of running the beta program, about 85% of all emails contained trackers of one form or another.

You can register for the service at email. The service will forward mail from your address in the domain to a hidden address that you provide. When it does so, it strips all advertising and profiling trackers from email links, scripts, images, and media. When you receive the forwarded email you’ll also see a short report that will explain how many trackers were removed. The service also uses some addressing tricks to enable you to reply to messages from your hidden address, causing them to be forwarded by the service so that they appear to come from your address in the domain. Users can also generate unlimited disposable and dynamically manageable private addresses to use on sites where you don’t want to supply your primary email address. These private addresses can be deactivated if spamming of that address becomes a problem.

You’ll need to install either the DuckDuckGo browser extension or DuckDuckGo’s own browser to set up and manage the service, but it isn’t necessary on systems at which you merely exchange email. We found the
management interface a little rough, but your mileage may vary on different platforms.


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