In October and November of 2023, the Wyoming Department of Education, CTE Division, teamed up with the CyberWyoming Alliance to create a series of teacher resource webinars.

We asked experts from across the nation to discuss their free programs for teachers to use to teach both tech and cybersecurity.

October 12, 2023 Video

October 19, 2023 Video

Blockchain Education for Everyone
Legos Attack & Defense Models
Fun Websites and Exercises to Use in the Classroom

October 26, 2023 Video

MAGIC (Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Center)
CompTIA Spark Program
Cyber Patriot Program
Cyber Threat Defender Games

November 16, 2023 Video

Youth Apprenticeship
Apprenticeships for students and teachers

And more – Ready Force Cyber educator resources!  What do they do and how can they help you?

The Wyoming CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) also has some great podcasts and resources.  Be sure to check them out at

And check out our podcast with them at 


Get a PDF of National Resources!

The Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) has been maintaining a list of national resources and educators can use it to find programs for the classroom.

Or a CompTIA Infographic for Teachers

CompTIA’s 2024 Vision for Enhanced Learning and Certification

In 2024, CompTIA is expanding its learning options in tech, introducing new products and updating certifications for career enhancement across four categories:
  • CompTIA Essentials: Enhancing tech skills and essential employment skills for various job roles.
      • Al Essentials
      • Business Essentials
      • Soft Skills Essentials
  • CompTIA a+ Series (little a+): Modular tech learning for entry-level roles.
      • a+ Linux
      • a+ Coding
      • a+ Data
  • CompTIA Pro Series: Providing hands-on learning for advancing tech careers.
      • AWS Practitioner Pro
      • Full Stack Pro
      • AutoCode Pro
  • CompTIA Xpert Series: Expert-level certification exams in areas like data and cybersecurity.
      • DataX