Oct 17 Encouraging Equity in Registered Apprenticeships for Neurodiverse Youth and Adults

Join CYAI (The Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative) for a free webinar titled Bridging the Gap: Encouraging Equity in Registered Apprenticeships for Neurodiverse Youth and Adults on October 17, 2023 from 2:00 – 3:30pm ET.  

This webinar will focus on Customized Employment, a DOL framework for achieving competitive integrated employment through a relationship between employee and employer that is personalized to meet the needs of both. Attendees will hear from experts on neuro-inclusivity, Employment First, and Competitive Integrated Employment; learn about the value-added support of Certified Employment Support Professionals (CESPs) and the Provider network; hear best practices from a RAP sponsor that supports pre-apprenticeships for youth with disabilities; and hear first-hand from an apprentice who  will share their experience in an inclusive and accessible program.   

In this webinar, presenters will: 

  • Discuss Neurodiversity and ways to foster inclusion within a RAP, touch upon braiding funding, accommodations.
  • Increase understanding of the role of Employment Support Professionals (ESPs) and the value ESPs can contribute to the design and success of the RAP. 
  • Discuss Competitive Integrated Employment & Employment First principles, including Discovery – an evidence-based alternative to traditional assessment that serves as the foundation for Customized Employment.  
  • Discuss how RAP Sponsors can work with the Provider network to facilitate career pathways and bolster career exploration and the recruitment of neurodiverse youth and adults into RAPs. 
  • Share a Case Study & strategies for customizing a Pre-Rap & RAP and employment opportunities for neurodiverse youth and adults, inclusive recruitment practices, OJT supports, and accommodations. 


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