EvnTec Focuses on Managed Services


EVANSTON – Earlier this year to better specialize in technology managed services, EvnTec was created from the wireless internet service provider company NGL Connection (now LR Communications, Inc).

“By separating the different technology fields, we are able to specialize and focus on the security and and support of users and businesses,” said Gregory Jones, Managing Director of EvnTec.

Technology managed services include business, organization, and home tech support.  Often managed services companies provide assistance with desktop and communications systems, mobile device management, storage, networking, backups, and help desk/technical support.  In rural Wyoming, this can mean anything from ‘my mouse stopped working’ to ‘the school needs new networking equipment, please help.’

By contrast, typical wireless internet service provider companies focus on routing the internet via wireless and cables. 

Internet service can be compared to the streets on which people drive whereas managed services ensures the cars are maintained and work properly.

When the split occurred, it allowed both companies to focus on their areas of expertise in the technology industry thus providing high levels of service.

 “Our passion is working with computers and technology, ensuring that your devices are always up and running when you need them,” said Jones.  “We work on your technology so it can work for you!” he continued.

Jones has been active in Wyoming’s technology arena as one of the original members of CyberWyoming’s Made Safe in Wyoming program, a founding member of Wyoming’s ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) member, and an advocate for good cyber hygiene in Evanston.

Although a new name, EvnTec has the same experienced people with over 15 years of business experience, experience with PCI (payment card industry) standards, A+ and CCNA certifications, and multiple vendor partners like Google, Lastpass, HP, Lenovo, and Sophos.


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