Facebook Setting Tracks ALL Activity

When Facebook recently updated their software, a new setting to “Track Off-Facebook Activity” was activated. This means that Facebook can track other websites you visit, like your bank, places you shop, and more. If you would like to keep this information private, here’s how.

Thanks to a Wyoming citizen for reporting this issue!

Check out the captions for the written instructions.

Open Facebook and navigate to Settings.
Choose Your Facebook Information in the left hand column. Then, choose the View link for Off-Facebook Activity.
Choose Clear History.
A pop-up window will surface and you choose Clear History again.
Now that you have cleared your history, choose Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.
Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password before you get to the above screen.
Then, bring you to the above screen where you choose Manage Future Activity.
Now, you get to another pop-up window where you choose Manage Future Activity again.
Slide the blue button to the left to turn off the Future Off-Facebook Activity setting.
The last pop-up window allows you to choose Turn Off to finally turn off the setting.

Facebook certainly didn’t make changing this privacy setting easy!


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