Factory IT Joins Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Efforts

Advocates for Small Businesses

JACKSON HOLE – While Jackson is known for tourism, computers make tourism happen.  Companies like Factory IT are behind the scenes heroes making sure that technology remains stable and secure to support small business efforts Jackson area and in the region.

In fact, during the recent Solarwinds breach that affected 18,000 companies nationwide and 5 federal alphabet agencies, Factory IT posted a statement confirming that it had nev3er used or installed the Solarwinds Orion product or FireEye application. But, Factory IT went a step further and searched all customer machines for any related applications that may have been affected in the data breach.

“That’s what a home town, local IT provider can do for you,” said Patrick Wolfinbarger, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming.  “They know you, meet you in the grocery store, and want to make sure your business is supported.”

Factory IT saw this, and other data breaches throughout the US as a call to action.  Besides protecting their own customers, Factory IT Co-CEO Zach Huseby, wanted to reach out to other small businesses in Wyoming.

 “Our team is excited to be a part of this important and valuable competition.  Businesses that understand and take responsibility for their own cybersecurity have a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing connected world. It is so much more integral to your core business functions than a checkbox on an insurance audit or something you delegate to your outside IT provider,“ said Huseby.

Factory IT’s core customer base is 2-50 workstations, thus the 2021 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses was the perfect event to support.

To date, no Jackson business has entered the competition, although the Western part of the state did boast three businesses in the 2020 competition.  The competition is free to small businesses and begins on February 1.  Registration information can be requested at info@cyberwyoming.org.

“To date, this competition has not really caught on in Jackson and the surrounding area. Given the number of security conversations we have had recently with many local organizations we believe this event provides a great, cost effective opportunity for businesses to up their cybersecurity game,” said Huseby.

CyberWyoming is a nonprofit organization affiliated with CyberUSA and a host of other national, regional, and state organizations.  Its mission is to help business owners address people, processes and cultural issues that affect technology and security.

“Cyber threats are constant, which means national and state security agencies must know their data and security vulnerabilities, and be proactive in their defense. Building a strong community that shares awareness practices and provides outside assistance when necessary is the best way to be prepared to defend against these continually moving targets,” said David Powell, Vice Chairman of CyberUSA.

Other members and sponsors for the 2021 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses include:  Wyoming Financial Insurance, First Federal Bank & Trust of Sheridan, Sweetwater Technology Services, EvnTec Evanston Technologies, Campbell County Health, Ptolemy Data Systems of Sheridan, IECA of Casper, Team of Casper, and DigeTekS LLC.  Microsoft is also a donor for this year’s working webinars addition to the competition.


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