Flyers Help Seniors Raise Cyber Fraud Awareness

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Wyoming Gives Story

At the Women of Influence conference last fall, I just happened to sit next to Sharon Benson, (now retired) Executive Director of Cheyenne’s Meals on Wheels program.  We started trading stories about senior fraud and scams and decided to DO something about it. 

She agreed to send weekly scam alert flyers with the meal deliveries if I would create the content.  Now we have a feedback loop where seniors can email scams to and they will see their report in this flyer and know that their friends and family are ‘in the know.’ 

Now we have partnered with Wyoming AARP and the Wyoming Department of Aging to take this program statewide to as many senior centers in the State that want the flyers.

According to the FBI’s internet crimes complaint center, Wyoming’s statistics show about half the losses in the state are in the 50+ group.  In 2018, total reported Wyoming losses were $4.5 million dollars and the over 60 age group lost $2.4 million.  In 2019 Wyoming reported total losses of $8.1 million.

Help us keep our Wyoming seniors from losing money and support this program!


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