Gift Card Scam Moves to Text

By Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Wyoming businesses have been plagued by email gift card scams. I’ve heard of them multiple times throughout the state. But now the scammers are moving to text.

Thanks to a Laramie business woman for sending us screen prints of the latest scam. The phone number in the screen print is not the supervisor’s actual phone number.

The scammer waits until they know your supervisor is out of the office (which is all the time now) and then sends you an email or text asking you to purchase gift cards. Remember the scamming rule: when in doubt and if it involves money or credentials, just call to make sure you are really talking to the person you think you are.

Note how the scammer starts out with “Hey employee name, it’s supervisor name!” While we redacted this part for privacy, the language on this text could be convincing.

Thanks to a Laramie business woman for submitting this to

If you have a scam to report, please send it to


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