Gillette Sees Rash of Scams

Thank you to Danielle Hart at County 17 for reporting these scams.

Two scams have recently been reported to CyberWyoming in Gillette.

‘FBI’ Extortion Scam

The FBI won’t as for money from you.  A man in Gillette was contacted by a bad actor claiming to be an FBI agent.  The fake FBI agent told the man that he had to get $3000 worth of gift cards in order to ‘verify funds’ or the Gillette man would face charges.

Gift cards are often requested by bad actors.  If someone calls, texts or emails you asking for a gift card it is probably a scam.

To read more about this scam, check out County 17’s website:

Relief Funds Scam

A senior citizen in Gillette was told that he was eligible to $350,000 of relief funds upon receipt of a transfer fee. 

This is a scam. If you are contacted by these bad actors, report it to your local police department.


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