Google’s Got it Going On

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

There isn’t a lot of positive news in the world of cybersecurity, but today Google products bucked this trend. There were two articles about Google products that I thought were worth talking about. Both were brought to my attention by the Cybersecurity Collaborative’s Morning Security Report. If you want to learn more about the Collaborative, check out

First, by Wired, the headline read “Gmail is catching more malicious attachments with deep learning.” Google is using artificial intelligence to separate legitimate attachments on your email from harmful ones. Their new deep-learning scanner for documents is blocking 63% of malicious documents, even if they are different from the ones flagged the day before. They are using pattern recognition. Oddly enough, I thought it was interesting that 56% of malware threats that come into Gmail are from Microsoft Office douments, so this new pattern recognition has decreased that by 10%. It’s a start, right? When you consider that Gmail gets 300 billion attachments each week, 10% is actually a lot of prevention.
If you are interested in reading the full Wired article, here is the link.

The second article, by ZDNet, was how the Chrome 80 update crippled the top cybercrime marketplace. Apparently, ther is a malware called AZORult that is used to steal roughly 90% of credentials from victims. That malware no longer works with the latest Chrome 80 update. Yay! The good guys are finally ahead on something! This caused a 35% drop in the sale of stolen credentials on a dark website called the Genesis Store. To read more here is the link:


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