Guru as Keynote Speaker

by Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

Jothi Dugar calls herself a chaos guru and I find that to be fascinating. Being a mom and identifying with Jothi (she is a mother of 3), I’m absolutely sure she is an expert at managing chaos and stress. But that isn’t all.

Not only is she a Mom….
She is a CISO.
She is a wellness coach.
She is a finalist for the Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year.
She is a dance instructor.
She is a wife.

But what I can tell you from meeting her and hearing her speak is this: she has great ideas, knows how to implement them, and supports others who also want to improve their security posture.

Jothi’s podcasts and webinars are numerous and if you have listened to any of them she advocates for a balanced approach to your life, your management style if you are a manager, and your thought processes. She believes that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and has implemented innovative programs at her organization to ensure it becomes a team effort, whether the team members are in the IT crowd or another department. She tailors security messages to specific stakeholders. She speaks the C-suite’s risk management language.

Come hear Jothi speak as Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference keynote speaker on October 5. The conference is October 5-7, virtual, mornings. Registration link is at

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