Hacker’s Brief Info Protects Wyomingites

In September of 2019, the Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust published a report showing that knowledge is power for potential scam victims.  30% of those that did not engage with the scammer knew about the scam before they were targeted and only 9% lost money if they had heard about the scam, as compared to 34% it they had not. 

So with these statistics, we thought “what can we do?” 

And the answer was the weekly “Hacker’s Brief,” a public service announcement column. 

This is a listing of Wyoming citizen reported scams and national scams that may affect Wyomingites.  It includes phone calls, texts, sales scams, and emails – anything one Wyomingite wants to warn others about.  We send this to newspapers throughout the State and organizations who want to publish it in their newsletters and on their websites. 

It is a free service, but we would love to hire a student intern to help us maintain the content and keep up the good work. 

Help us keep this program going!



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