How do you mitigate human risk?

By Laura Baker, CyberWyoming

According to Living Security’s Essential Trends of Human Risk Management for 2021 report, 80% of data breaches are caused by human error, action, or inaction.  Though 79% of people say they can spot a phishing attempt, nearly half (49%) admit they clicked on an unknown link while at work.

So how do you mitigate human risk?  We are all ‘human’ after all.

Well, of course our answer is for your company to join Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses.  We help you create an ongoing security awareness program that functions like a marketing campaign for your employees.

Because your computer didn’t come with a cybersecurity manual!

The competition addresses all of the steps in the study.

  1. Regular training for all employees, not one and done but constant throughout the year.  Creating security leaders in all the different business units that can help you tune the content to be relevant to each business unit or function.  Use storytelling.  Make it a game to increase employee engagement.
  2. Forming internal and external teams to help manage the security task.  After all, expecting one IT guy to do it all AND understand the business AND police everyone is a little unrealistic.
  3. Understand that using disjointed tools and manual processes will open you up to risks.  So our competition helps you build a security business plan that works for your culture.
  4. Determine where your data is and what its level of sensitivity is, then gear your security protocols around that including training and systems.
  5. Invest a little every year – make it an annual line item on the company budget and you will be surprised how far you will get.
  6. Take all of the above and build a culture of security awareness.

Join Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses and learn how to combat cybersecurity with your organization’s culture and know-how.  Register now. The competition starts Feb 1. or download the registration page at

FREE to Wyoming small businesses because of our members and sponsors!

For more on cyberpsychology, watch CyberWyoming’s blog site.  When more studies come out, we will publish it here.


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