IECA Supports Cybersecurity Efforts in Wyoming

Advocates for Small Business

CASPER – The Casper based company, International Electronic Communication Analysts Inc. (IECA), has supported cybersecurity efforts for small businesses in Wyoming for the past five years.

Founder Christopher Bonatti wanted a simpler life from the hectic world of the East Coast. He and his wife visited Wyoming and thought Casper would be a nice place to set up shop, so they moved here in 2014.

“Chris is a huge cybersecurity advocate,” said Pat Wolfinbarger, Co-Founder of CyberWyoming. “We have seen him at the last two Cybersecurity Symposiums and he is always asking what he can do to get involved and help Wyomingites.”

Being from the East Coast and the world of military and government consultation, Bonatti has connections in the cyber world that many in Wyoming don’t have.  Yet, to Bonatti with 35 years of experience, cybersecurity isn’t a new field.  Instead, it is a field he grew up in.

“Security has evolved from something that NSA and a select few others cared about into an everyday concern that really should concern everyone.  Unfortunately, most people don’t have the knowledge or experience to take on today’s threats by themselves.  IECA can help.  We have a long history of helping our clients apply security, and we’ve been doing this stuff since the early days,” said Bonatti.

IECA supports clients at the national and international level, with Bonatti being the main consultant.  ”One of our clients asked us to create an entirely new security protocol as a tailored solution to their interoperability and security problem.  Moreover, they didn’t want it to be a proprietary solution, but rather part of the spectrum of available open standards.  While this isn’t something our average client would want done, it illustrates the range of capability IECA can deliver.  We conducted basic analysis of the requirements, negotiated first features of a technical solution with their interoperability partners, shepherded a draft solution through the standards process in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and assisted with oversight as the solution was implemented.”

IECA specializes in really listening to clients, and offers a Small Business Primary Security Audit.

“Small business security auditors are a little hard to find in Wyoming,” commented Wolfinbarger. “It is nice that we can recommend one in our network.”

IECA truly invests in training and certifications for their employees, yet Bonatti believes that experience is the key to helping clients be efficient with technology and to manage their risk. 

“Every client’s situation is unique, and simply tailoring their policies to bring security into their unique operation can make a huge difference”, says Bonatti.  “I really enjoy listening and finding that one thing that is the kernel of a solution to my client’s problems.  Doing that requires problem solving skills and experience… not certifications.”

IECA has sponsored the Wyoming Cybersecurity Symposium for two years and is a new founding member of CyberWyoming’s Made Safe in Wyoming program.  IECA publishes a quarterly newsletter that is free to those who are interested, has a repository on their website of useful publicly released documents and files, and links to handy references.  Resources can be found at


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