In the Equality state, hate will not find its home

Distributed by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, written by Britney Tennant – September 28, 2021

Forward: The CyberWyoming Alliance is a member of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network. Permission was given to reprint the following information.

The CyberWyoming Alliance stands in support of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network as part of the collective voice against hate.

In fact, this year, our board of directors decided to emphasize personal and civic responsibility for cybersecurity in our conference. Many speakers will discuss how individuals CAN make a difference in our internet connected world from
reducing the spread of misinformation to
– reporting a scam so your friends & neighbors won’t become victims to the fraudster to
– analyzing your own personality traits and risk factors online in order to make behavior adjustments.

In fact, the FTC recently published information about increased risk to extortion scams for the LGBTQ+ community, involving dating apps and we reported this in our Hacker’s Brief weekly publication. No one deserves to be victimized by a scam.

Join us for Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference, Oct 6-8, Mornings, Virtual. Register at

There are many different definitions of community. 

Wyoming has long been known as a large state with a small population. Our cities, towns, and rural areas are linked by long roads and close connections – neighbors might live across the street or across the state. 

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network represents more than 200 charitable organizations statewide and our mission is to represent the collective voice of the sector, bringing best practices, resources, and support to the nonprofit community. For us, that community extends beyond the businesses themselves to the diverse board, staff, volunteers, and people served by these many member organizations. It shouldn’t have to be said, but events across our state compel us to join our voice to others who share our values. 

The Wyoming Nonprofit Network board welcomes and extends its mission of support to LGBTQ+ persons. Our definition of community includes you.

Acts of violence, intolerance, and victimization will not be condoned or ignored. We believe it is long past time for us and others to use our collective voice to honor our neighbors, support our communities, protect our vulnerable populations, and cultivate a safer, more inclusive future for all our children. 

We stand in solidarity with all those working to protect our LGBTQ+ residents. Education and protection are welcomed and encouraged whether by teaching inclusion in our schools, creating ally programs, raising money for support of victimized families, advocating to the public and the media, or developing and pushing for public policy protections. Hand in hand with those who believe that all people deserve to live a life free from violence and oppression – filled instead with health and happiness – we will encircle our friends, neighbors, and other marginalized people with love, belonging, and a community that truly values their presence and contributions. 

In the Equality state, hate will not find its home. 


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