It is National Data Privacy Day 2021!

LARAMIE – In honor of National Data Privacy Day on January 28, the CyberWyoming Alliance is offering a free, 30-minute, phishing training webinar titled Real or Not Real? Can you spot a fake? at 11 a.m. virtually.

The webinar compiles Wyoming citizen reports of phishing emails and smsishing texts into a game format where the example is shown on screen and attendees can guess whether it is real in the chat window.  By coincidence, the CyberWyoming Alliance is celebrating its 1 year anniversary of the Wyoming reporting email address

“In December, we had 12 citizens report fraudulent emails, texts and phone calls in one week,” said Co-Founder Patrick Wolfinbarger, “This was the highest number of Wyoming reports we had received since we began.”

Wolfinbarger went on to say that the fraud reports are compiled into the Hacker’s Brief and sent to organizations and press statewide on a weekly basis.

Depending on the source, phishing accounts for 90%-95% of cyber attacks nationwide.  Small businesses are a primary attack vector and Wyoming businesses are not immune. 

“Fun, gamified training like the one we are offering for National Data Privacy Day, are great ways to train your employees and protect your business,” said Wolfinbarger.

Registration for the event is online at


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