Keynote Speaker Announced

Jothi Dugar, CISO, Wellness Coach, and Chaos Guru will be Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference’s keynote speaker. Jothi will discuss burnout in the world of information technology.

“Her tips to reduce stress are good for everyone, not just IT professionals,” said Laura Baker, Board President for the CyberWyoming Alliance. “I’ve had the privilege to see Jothi speak before and she was informative and entertaining.”

Jothi is also a finalist for the Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year. Read more about that award and Jothi here:

Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Conference is virtual this year and takes place on October 5-7 in the mornings. The organizers are taking care to ensure that video conference fatigue is kept to a minimum. No speaker will speak for more than 25 minutes without a break or discussion in between. For instance, the social engineering demonstration will provide some background, give a poll, have some discussion, and then continue on with the next section.

“The interactive platform that we chose by working with the FBC [Federal Business Council] is great!” said Baker. “Speakers will be able to cue a video, stop it, write on the whiteboard, send a poll, and start a discussion,” continued Baker.

Register at the Federal Business Council’s website

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