Language I/O Reaches ISO 27001 Certification

It all started with the Wyoming Cybersecurity Competition!

CHEYENNE – Language I/O, a Cheyenne based software development company, has reached a huge cybersecurity milestone with their ISO27001:2013 certification proving that small Wyoming businesses can compete internationally.

Language I/O employs 15 people and manages multiple localization contractors throughout the world. Language I/O translates emails, chats, articles and social interactions for customers like LinkedIn, Shutterstock and ConstantContact through customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Zendesk, Oracle and Salesfoce. Language I/O offers translations in more than 150 languages.

“For instance, a French citizen may send an email or chat to the support desk at a company, but that support person doesn’t understand French,” explained Matt Cook, Software Developer and Data Protection Officer at Language I/O. “The support person uses Language IO’s plug in to translate and help the customer solve the problem.”

Cybersecurity and data privacy are important in that support situation because there is a good possibility that personal information is transferred in that chat or email.  Thus, ensuring data privacy in Language I/O’s operations and products was important for itslong-term growth.

“The first time we started looking into ISO 27001 compliance was when the GDPR rules came into being,” said Cook.  GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations and are the European Union’s data privacy and protection standards.

While Language I/O was working on the GDPR compliance, it entered Wyoming’s first Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses and tied for second place in 2018.  “Starting with the competition and receiving the Made Safe in Wyoming stamp convinced the founders that there was value to cybersecurity in their marketing efforts,” said Cook.  

Language I/O is one of fewer than 32,000 companies in the world to earn an ISO 27001:2013 certification. For more information about Language I/O, visit their website at For more information about the ISO certification, visit  

Inventory was an eye opener.  “We found going through the process saved us money because we found some old subscriptions and licenses that we were paying for, but not using,” said Cook.

“Inefficiencies in our processes for onboarding customers also became obvious,” said Cook. Language I/O was able to cut down its software trial program by 1/3 of the time and reduce client sales negotiations to ¼ of the time.  “We already had all the information they would want to request ready to go and it just makes the process more efficient,” said Cook.

“Overall this created a really fun security culture in our office,” said Cook.  “Craig [Boal] would try to trick us to leave our desk without locking our computers and if we did that, then we got a red mark on our white board. The person with the least red marks by the end of the month was declared the champion,” continued Cook.  “It led to some spirited discussions of are you leaving your desk if you can still see it?” said Cook.


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