Laramie Company Participates in Cybersecurity Competition

Laramie – Teresa Nealon, President of ESal, LLC and a seamstress/tailor on the side, equates cybersecurity to sewing.  You have to follow the pattern, take a methodical approach, and be diligent.

This diligence is what drove her to re-enter the Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business three years after her first experience. 

“Being involved in the competition was a great opportunity to remind us of the importance of regular focus on cybersecurity and also train new staff”, said Teresa Nealon, President.

While not many of the national standards for small business cybersecurity have changed, ESal has grown.  ESal opened a new office in Texas and, as a result and in part due to the competition, they investigated contracting with an IT firm.  While ESal managers decided that they were still small enough to handle their technology in-house, they decided to begin developing a relationship with an IT professional as an starting point and with the intention to grow into the need for an outside IT company or internal IT department.

“It showed us that we really have created cyber leaders in our offices,” said Salem Thyne, CEO.  “And, for a company our size, it showed us how much money we can save if we take responsibility for managing our technology ourselves.”

ESal is a Laramie company that conducts research and development of new water flood technology to increase oil recovery.  Their technique does not use chemicals or additives, thus avoiding the risk of contaminating ground and surface water resources.  It has been used to revitalize old oil fields throughout the country.

ESal has been awarded Phase I and II  National Science Foundation STTR/SBIR grants.  “The seed money and guidance provided by the NSF has been invaluable to our growth as a company,” said Nealon.  “It has enabled us to develop our technology to a point that cybersecurity is a top priority.”

The 2021 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses will begin in early February 2021.  The competition is free to Wyoming small businesses and can be completed virtually.  The 2020 competition was sponsored by Team Networks (Casper), Campbell County Health (Gillette), IECA (Casper), Ptolemy Data Systems (Sheridan) Sweetwater Technology Services (Rock Springs), EvnTec (Evanston), DigeTekS (Casper & Buffalo), First Federal Bank & Trust (Sheridan), Cheyenne State Bank (Cheyenne), Wyoming Financial Insurance (Rock Springs), and Lunavi (formerly Green House Data, Cheyenne).

Information about Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Businesses at


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