Legos, Airplanes, and Helicopters!

Legos, Airplanes, and Helicopters!

By Laura Baker, CyberWyoming Alliance President

CHEYENNE – The CyberWyoming Alliance brought a Lego Attack and Defense Model and the Cyber Threat Defender card game to the Wyoming Air National Guard’s STEM Discovery Day on September 28, 2023.

“I wasn’t sure if the Lego model would have the same appeal to students as the C130 tours, but it did!  We had some kids playing attack and defense by turning off/on the lights of the model for 30 minutes, with other students waiting for a turn,” said Laura Baker, President of the CyberWyoming Alliance.

Students pictured above, cheering on their schoolmate to control the ambulance, heli-pad, front light, and MRI machine in Lego model hospital. Teachers can register to borrow a model for an entire semester at

Students and teachers also learned about the Cyber in a Box School Video Challenge, where a team of students are paid $100 plus t-shirts to make a cyber safety video.  This year’s challenge topic is securing medical internet of things items, like smart watches, insulin pumps, and MRI machines.  To register a team visit:


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