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No Job is Too Small for CPU

Our walk-in repair service diagnoses, orders parts and fixes projects as small as a single device. So when we say no job is too small, we demonstrate it every day. We also place orders for many of the largest companies and organizations across the state.

Cybersecurity FAQs from CPU

Is cybersecurity a big deal in a small place like Wyoming?

Ask your local banker or call the local FBI office. They’ll tell you this is happening every day, right here in our community. All of us are at risk, including our companies and citizens.

Is cybersecurity a one-size-fits-all situation?

No. Every company is a bit different in terms of how they do business, how their employees use technology, and their tolerance for risk. We can provide some very basic feedback and insight…test your system and develop a customized security plan…and everything in between.

How to Contact CPU

For more information, contact us at or 888-266-2424

Service Area Located in Casper and serving the entire State of Wyoming.
Vendor Partners Microsoft, ConnectWise, Aruba, Vipre, Proofpoint, Ubiquiti, Keeper, Redstor, SentinelOne, and Ninja.
Contact Information CPU
401 E Collins Drive
Casper, WY 82601
Attention:  Kyle Gamroth

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