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Our Philosophy

IECA offers cybersecurity consulting services to industry, government, and the academic community.  We are not a vendor or reseller, and therefore, do not subscribe to any of the vendor certification programs.  We rely on our experience, 25 years of experience, before cybersecurity was a buzzword.  Our staff hold technical degrees from elite academic institutions and have certifications such as CISSP, CompTIA Security+, and CEH.  If a client needs us to have another certification, we will obtain it without delay.

Want a shop that really listens? Go no further!

To the average consumer or small business, best practices published by the federal government for enterprise companies can be really intimidating.  This is largely unnecessary.  IECA has a special blend of technical and communications skills that can really help.

As IECA is a small business itself, we would very much like to assist other small businesses in Wyoming.  This has led us to focus effort on development of a range of security best practices aimed principally at small business, and to the extension of our fixed price Small Business Primary Security Audit offer.

Download the Security Engineering for Small Business Offering here from IECA’s website.

A note from the President, Chris Bonatti

I’m a comparative newcomer to Wyoming, and I came to the state through a deliberate act of choice of where I wanted to live and conduct our business.  As such, I’m very passionate about Wyoming, our traditions, and way of life.  Helping to grow and diversify businesses in Wyoming is something that really moves me, and I would like IECA to contribute everything it can to that cause.  Cybersecurity is something we understand deeply, and with which we are in a position to really help.  The CyberWyoming program is an excellent fit for helping IECA leverage our cybersecurity expertise to pursue these goals.

Download the Proven Methodology for Client Success here from IECA’s website.

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