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The National Cyber Security Society (NCSS)

Our Mission Statement


The NCSS is committed to improving the online safety and security of the small business community through education, awareness and advocacy. Our goal is to enable and empower small businesses to access cybersecurity services, to assist them in understanding their cyber risk and to educate them on the type of protection needed.

  • Assist small businesses in understanding their cyber risk.
  • Provide advice on the types of cybersecurity services needed and available for small businesses.
  • Educate small businesses on the type of protection they need.
  • Collaborate with partners to ensure the highest service delivery.
  • Provide “Ask-an-Expert” service, so small businesses have access to technical expertise to address their issues or concerns.
  • Provide education and advisory services.

As a 501(3) c, the NCSS uses funds from donations, grants and membership fees to fund educational services.


Are you safe?

CARES = Cybersecurity Assessment and Resiliency Evaluation for Small business.

Take this 15 minute survey to find our your company’s risk score!

What's New?

Cybersecurity Risk Management for Executives

Photo by from PxHere
Photo by from PxHere

In 2022, the NCSS received a grant to fund an educational program for C-suite executives for both private and publicly traded companies. In partnership with Pace University, the NCSS is providing highly discounted rates for NCSS members — $700/executive, $400/2 executives, $300/3 executive. The program is an 8-hour self-paced course, totally online, and the executive will receive a certificate, verifying course completion.



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