Misconceptions by Small Business

Brought to you by the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s blog via the National Cybersecurity Alliance’s Stay Safe Online website.

Cybersecure Your Business
Employees empowered with the resources and knowledge to protect your organization from cyber threats is one of the best lines of defense you can have. Part of that training should involve breaking down often-quoted cybersecurity misconceptions.

Misconception #1My data (or the data I have access to) isn’t valuable. All data is valuable.
Take Action: Do an assessment of the data you create, collect, store, access, transmit and then classify
all the data by level of sensitivity so you can take steps to protect it appropriately.

Misconception #2Cybersecurity is a technology issue.
Cybersecurity is best approached with a mix of employee training, clear and accepted policies and
procedures, and implementation of current technologies. 
Take Action: Educate every employee on their responsibility for protecting sensitive information.

Misconception #3Cybersecurity requires a huge financial investment.
Many efforts to protect your data require little or no financial investment. 
Take Action: Create and institute cybersecurity policies and procedures, restrict administrative and
access privileges, enable multi-factor authentication and train employees to spot malicious emails.


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